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Take your business forward with a telephone answering service

Telephone answering service has revolutionised the way we do business today. This is a service that has saved businesses thousands in terms of revenue. But just how beneficial is a live answering service to a small business? Herein is an outline of 5 key reasons to get a telephone answering service.

Getting a telephone answering service for your business makes sense. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider getting a telephone answering service for your small business.

1. Freeing up the time of the owner

Gone are the days when a business owner had to stay alert not to miss any call or text from a customer. But the answering service has turned things around. It gives the convenience of a virtual secretary - one that’s lively, friendly and never takes a break. 

With it, you get to achieve more customers 24 hours a day without even lifting a finger. This seamless answering service gives you lots of free time to focus on growing the business. It’s the perfect way of staying relaxed without shutting your doors to customers!

2. Presenting a professional image to customers and potential customers

The first impression is important in all walks of life. And telephone service is no exception. The well-informed, polite and friendly greeting gets to build that professional image, both to customers and potential clients. This is a service that goes an extra mile to learn the products and services provided by your small business. 

What’s more, it gets to absorb the company’s culture to address basic inquiries in a quick and efficient manner. It paints the picture of a business dedicated to addressing the needs of its customers in a more professional way.

3. Cost saving opportunities

To any business, time lost is an opportunity lost. This means that any missed sales call can either make or break your business. And that is where the answering service comes in handy - to always make you available when your customers need you most. 

By capturing missed opportunities and lost sales, it increases the return on your investment by up to a whopping 1000 %. In short, it makes your business more of the last stop for customers.

4. No need to hire a receptionist

Hiring a receptionist might seem a good idea for a larger business. However, that’s not the case for a small business. It’s more of an expensive proposition that will make it a challenge to realizing your business goals. This makes the virtual receptionist your best bet. 

With it, you get to save yourself from the benefits, paid-off time, and insurance required by a full-time secretary. In short, it provides an efficient 24-hour service in a cheaper way.

5. Affordable

A telephone answering service is not that expensive to set up. Therefore you get to satisfy your customers and save money at the same time. What’s more, you only get to pay for the number of calls you receive. It’s this affordable customer service that makes it more of an absolute essential for any small business.

Telephone answering services are the future of businesses. They eliminate the annoying and unreliable service provided by the automated phone systems. What’s more, you get to achieve more returns on your investment, something that’s essential to the growth of your small business. In short, it’s a service that saves face while acting as a magnet to customers.