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Take your business forward with a virtual office

Setting your business up with a virtual office is a relatively simple thing and is significantly cheaper than setting up a physical office. Here are 7 of the main benefits that a small or medium sized enterprise can get by going virtual.

(1) Significantly cheaper ongoing cost.

Getting a virtual office will cost you around 3% of the cost of getting a physical office. A virtual office with Ruby can set you back as little as $48 per month. Compare that to the $300 per square metre that you might need to pay for an A grade office.

(2) Significantly cheaper upfront cost.

When you sign up for a physical office there are a whole range of things that you end up needing to pay for. You will have to pay a bond on the property itself, potentially bonds on utilities, you will need to buy furniture plus you may need to set up a security system.

(3) Flexibility to cancel.

With a virtual address you can cancel at any time that you like. On the other hand, if you have a physical location then you will likely have to sign up for a minimum of 12 months and then if you want to leave you will need to either find someone willing to take over your lease or pay out the remaining.

(4) Flexibility to grow.

When you start a new business you usually don't know how quickly that business will grow and build. It is also likely that you will not know how much space that business is going to need. With a virtual office you don't have those same worries about fitting in to your physical space.

(5) Take it national.

Another big benefit of a virtual address is that you can take it national in a matter of minutes. We have addresses available in all major capital cities and we can give you a better deal if you sign up for multiple locations.

(6) Look bigger than you are.

With a virtual office your business can look bigger than it actually is. Customers will be impressed by your multiple locations in A grade buildings.

(7) An address in the CBD whilst working in the suburbs.

People are impressed by CBD addresses. With a virtual address from Ruby Receptionist you can have many of the benefits of a first class office address with almost none of the costs involved.