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Not sure why you need a Virtual Assistant? Here are 8 good reasons.


1) You just don't have enough money to employ an in-house resource


When you start a small business you are swamped with costs. You need to pay out for office space, furniture, vehicles plus a whole range of other things. You also need to pay bonds for your office, for your utilities and potentially leave security deposits. It really doesn't leave a lot of cash for some of the other business critical things.

It is a similar story when you take on a new employee. You need to get them a desk, a computer (possibly also a laptop), software for them to do their job and a phone and an internet connection. You then may also have to outlay for training and induction. This is all before you even start paying them.

When you get yourself a VA (virtual assistant) many of these problems disappear. For a start, you only need to pay them for the work that they do, not when they are sitting around surfing the internet. They usually come with all of their own software and IT equipment and because they are working remotely you have no issues with having to provide them with office space or furniture. It really is significantly cheaper.

2) There are peaks and troughs in the work load

We all know the old saying "It never rains but it pours", which when applied to business means that nothing will ever be linear, for the majority of small businesses you will need to cope with the peaks and troughs of work. If you try to staff internally to be able to cope with the peaks then you are going to be losing a lot of money during the troughs as staff will be sitting around surfing the internet.

Our VA service here at Ruby is designed for flexibility. You can use our VA's when you are going through a peak period and we can be working for someone else when you are experiencing a trough. It really does give you a lot of flexibility when planning your workforce and it really will save you money during those troughs.

Here at Ruby we charge our VA's out on a per minute basis. You only pay for what you use. If you are in a peak period and need someone there 24/7 then we will be there to help you out. Once the workload drops off we can move on to something else and you no longer have to pay. For small businesses flexibility is key.

3) Your office isn't big enough to accommodate any more staff

When you start a small business you quite often start with the smallest possible office and try to cram all of your staff into it. Given that you need to outlay all of that cash and spend all of that time supervising electricians and carpenters etc it does make sense to limit the size of office that you actually sign up for.

Given that you have gone for a small basic office you may not have the physical space available to accommodate any additional staff members. If you don't use a VA then this potentially leaves you in the position that you have to employ people who work remotely from home or potentially take on some shared office space and all of the management issues that come with having multiple locations.

Taking on a Virtual Assistant makes a lot of sense in this situation. A VA from Ruby would work from either our physical offices or their own home office. You would be able to control what they do via our admin portal and you can simply use them when you need them. Why not limit the number of staff that you have in your physical office and run your business virtually.

4) You have a project that really needs doing urgently

How does your business cope when you have a large admin job dumped on you at the last minute without warning. Do you put the burden on your already stretched internal staff members and make them work overtime or weekends to get the work done. These sorts of things can potentially tip employees over the edge and cause them to look for another job.

One option that you can look at in these circumstances is to bring in some VA's from Ruby Receptionists to help you out. By using Ruby's VA's you can bring in as many as you need to help you get that urgent job completed. We can work in with your existing staff or we can simply take instruction directly from your staff. It is all really flexible.

5) You just don't have the resources internally.

The cost of employing an internal staff member in Australia is extremely high. Not only do you have to pay out for salaries but you also have to outlay money for holiday pay, sick leave, superannuation and a whole range of on-costs. If your person works outside of normal business hours then you will probably have to pay loading as part of their overtime as well. Consequently, the majority of small businesss owners run their businesses extremely lean and don't employ people unless they really need to.

The end result of all of this is that when a big admin job comes along you are not in a position to give this to your already stretched internal admin staff. This is a great opportunity to make use of a Ruby Receptionists Virtual Assistant. We can allocate a VA or multiple VA's to your project and they can work specifically on that project as a dedicated resource.

6) You need someone flexible in hours and skills

9-5 Monday to Friday seems like an old dream and the concept seems to have headed out of the window when the internet took off. These days customers and potential customers will expect your business to be operating on a 24/7 basis and will quite likely be trying to contact you in the evening or on the weekend.

To cope with these longer and more flexible working hours you need a workforce who are available during these longer working hours. Unfortunately, in Australia extended operating hours generally means penalty rates and overtime. Consequently, extending the time that you are available seems to mean that you are then up for more money.

This doesn't have to be the case with a Virtual Assistant. With a VA you can use them when you need them and not pay for them when you are not using them. If a customer rings in at 10pm and wants to find out some specific details about your business or your products and the VA needs to spend 5 minutes resolving their issue then you will be charged just for the 5 minutes that they spent on the problem, not for the 5 hours of overtime that an in-house staff member would have used.

Flexibility in skills is another good reason. How hard is it to find an in-house VA who has all of the skills that you need to do all of your jobs. Sure, you can train them up with all of these skills but as soon as you do this they will want more money or will potentially move on to a higher paying job. It makes far more sense to bring in external resources that have the skills that you need for specific jobs on a job by job basis. It really does make good sense and it will almost certainly save you money by doing it this way. You can also use your external VA's to bolster the internal staff's skills. If you have an internal staff member who is deficient in a specific area then why not use an external VA to help them out.

7) You don't have the time to recruit someone

Time is money and if you are looking to recruit a new admin staff member then it is likely that it is going to cost you a lot of time which will inevitably turn into a lot of money. Think about all of the time that you will spend getting your advert together, getting it listed on Seek, Indeed or whatever platform you like to use and then spending your time reviewing all of the applications. Once you have reviewed the applications you then need to schedule in all of those interviews, second interviews and reference checks. The whole process can actually take a couple of months.

Once you have your person selected and you have negotiated a salary with them and waited for their notice period to expire you will need to train them up in your systems and procedures. This whole induction process can take a couple of weeks and then pushed out the project start date even further. Would it be easier to simply bring on a VA that is employed by someone else and who can start work on your project almost straight away. Our VA's are professional trained receptionists who can work in a large range of software applications. They will be able to add value to your business quickly and effectively.

8) You will be in good company


Ruby Receptionist service has more than 5,000 customers in Australia. These customers include businesses from a variety of occupations including lawyers, accountants, IT professionals, Architects etc. We have extensive experience dealing with admin related tasks related to all of these industries and can help you out with your admin tasks.

We don't believe in locking our customers in to long term contracts. Our customers are able to cancel at any time by giving just a months notice. The average customer of Ruby Receptionist stays with us for in excess of 2 years, they do this because we provide them with an exceptional level of service at a really affordable price.

Think that getting a Virtual Assistant makes good business sense for your company? Then why not call one of our sales representatives on 1300 72 10 73 and they will be more than happy to discuss how we can help you.