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Call Answering Service - Australia

Running a small business can take up a lot of your time, one minute you need to be a salesperson, then a technician, then an IT specialist. To top it all off if you don't have a call answering service then you will need to be answering the phone in between doing everything else. The trouble is that when things are busy the incoming calls are quite often the task that suffers first and your callers end up being set to your message bank.

Sending calls to a recorded message service can be a problem. Research conducted by BT in the UK showed that the majority of people will hang up rather than leave a message on an automated system. The problem here is that many of these people will simply look to the next business on the list and call them instead.

There is a simpler and more cost effective way! By using a call answering service like Ruby Receptionist Services you are able to get on with business while Ruby gets onto answering your calls. Our professional receptionists can answer all or some of your calls, many of our customers simply use us for overflow or during busy marketing campaigns.

When the Ruby Receptionists answer your calls they do so with a custom greeting that has been agreed with you. As part of the service you can change this greeting yourself at any time which means that you can customise it for holiday periods or when you are away. Once we take your message, we then send you details within the next few minutes. The message is sent either via SMS or via email to a nominated email address.

The Ruby team are all based in Australia and Ruby Receptionist Services is an Australian company. Our professional trained receptionists work remotely via the cloud which reduces our overheads. This means that we can pass on these savings to you our customers in the form of really affordable packages.

Try us out with a 7 day trial

You can test drive our system for 7 days at no cost or obligation for your business. Ruby's 7 day free trial allows you an opportunity to fine tune the setup and to get the maximum value from your package.

Ruby Will Be Answering Your Calls In 5 Minutes

It really only takes a couple of minutes to set an account up for your free trial. Our service can then be answering your phone calls virtually instantly. There is no obligation to give any credit card details upfront and it will instantly make a dramatic difference to your work load.