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There is nothing worse than getting distracted when you are right in the middle of something important. You could be right in the middle of putting together a brilliant sales proposal when all of a sudden someone rings with a simple question and you need to drop everything and attend to that question. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just get your proposal out of the way and deal with the queries in a batch.

When you sign up for the Ruby Receptionist call answering services you can do just this. We can answer all of your incoming calls in a professional manner with a greeting that you have specified. We can then forward you an email with details of the message taken from your customer leaving you with the flexibility to deal with the messages when you have available time.

It really does make good business sense to use a professional call answering service like Ruby Receptionist. We can be dealing with all of your incoming telephone calls while you focus your attention on building your business and making more money without the constant distractions.

Our service is really easy to use. When you register for a free trial of our call answering services we will allocate you a local telephone number. This number can be used on your website, business cards and marketing information. You can also divert your existing number to this allocated number. Calls that are received on this number will be answered by our professional staff who will greet your customers with a pre-agreed greeting and take your message. Our staff will then forward that message to you either in an email or via text message. What could be easier!

Australia Based Staff

We don't scrimp when it comes to our staff. Unlike many of our competitors, our staff are locally based and are professionally trained receptionists. In fact, our staff are so good at what they do that many of our customers report that their callers actually think that the receptionist is actually based in the customers office.

Makes Financial Sense

Our service is really cost effective

Why not talk to one of our friendly sales assistants to find out more in terms of what we can do for you. Call us today on 1300 72 10 73 to find out more.