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Save time by using a cloud accounting package

An area that has changed dramatically over the past few years has been in the area of small business accounting packages. 10 years ago when you wanted to install an accounting package you would need to head out and buy a desktop computer to run it on, get yourself some software, like MYOB or Quickbooks and then either install the package yourself or pay an IT professional to install the package.

It didn't end there, once the package was up and running you would need to set yourself up with a daily backup routine, organise to have off site backups, get yourself a maintenance package and then potentially only have 1 person able to use the system at any one time.

The internet has changed things dramatically. Packages like Xero and Quickbooks allow you to access your data from wherever you want. You could even access your financial data from your new smart phone or your iPad while sitting in bed!

Another significant benefits of cloud accounting packages are that you can link them to a variety of banks, Paypal and other financial services. This means that rather than have an accounts clerk sitting there for hours entering your data you can instantly upload it into your system. On top of this, they are automatically backed up without you needing to worry about it.

What to look for

When choosing an online accounting package there are a number of areas that you should consider. Firstly, look at how easily they integrate with your specific bank or Paypal. Secondly, look at how well the package has been adapted to the local Australian market. Most packages have been developed for overseas markets so you want to make sure that they work well with Australian accounting standards. Nextly, you should make sure that they are well supported in terms of online help and a local telephone help line.

Make the most of the cloud

Whether it is making use of a cloud accounting service or it is outsourcing your telephone answering to a cloud receptionist service like Ruby there are lot's of opportunities available for Australian businesses to make use of the cloud and save money.

Here at Ruby Receptionist we can help you reduce the amount of physical admin work that you have to do by providing efficient professional remote receptionists and virtual assistants who can do a broad range of office work. Call us today to find out more.