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Corporate Telephone Answering Service

First impressions count in business. In many instances that first impression is the one that your customer or your potential customers receives when they speak to your in-house reception team. Unfortunately, if your team are overworked or absent then the impression that your customers receive may not be ideal.

With a corporate telephone answering service from Ruby Receptionist Services you can be confident that your incoming calls will be answered promptly and efficiently. Our professional, trained corporate receptionists can answer all or just some of your incoming calls. Many of our customers use us for all incoming calls while others use us just for overflow, it is all up to you.

Our team of receptionists can handle a huge volume of incoming calls. This means that if you need to run marketing campaigns or if you are expecting a rush of calls then our team becomes your team and can cope with the rush. Our team of receptionists are all local Australian corporate professionals who will be answering your calls remotely using cloud technology.

Our bespoke telephone answering platform has been built locally within Australia and has some really powerful functionality built in to ensure that we can cope with pretty well anything you throw at us. We currently have more than 3,500 customers in Australia and we answer tens of thousands of incoming calls 7 days a week every month. We can easily scale up our operation to take on more volume.

Many of our customers have reported saving up to 40% of the cost of having an in-house reception function by outsourcing to us. One of the great things about outsourcing is that a fixed cost becomes a variable cost. You only pay for what you need and you don't need to worry about holiday pay, superannuation, sick leave or employee reviews. It really does make good financial sense!

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You can test drive our service for 7 days at no cost or obligation. Our free 7 day trial provides you with the opportunity to get your set up just right and to get the maximum value from your package.

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It really just takes 5 minutes to set up an account for your free trial and we can be answering your calls virtually instantly. There is no requirement to provide credit card details upfront and you can instantly make a dramatic difference to your business.