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Quality Answering Services For Start-Ups

Being an entrepreneur can be mind boggling and at the same time rewarding. On the one hand there is the advantage of being independent and on the other the challenge of multi-tasking. As an entrepreneur you are also concerned with the profits and growth of your enterprise. Employing numerous competent professionals in the customer service would mean a financial stretch to the business. This is where Ruby Receptionists telephone answering services for entrepreneurs can really come in handy.

Imagine the benefit of having a receptionist without actually hiring one. No monthly salaries, medical covers and office costs. If you do the calculations you will find that you are actually saving your business up to 40% the cost of hiring an internal staff. Our phone answering service only requires you to pay a small monthly retainer and then a small cost per call received.

Enjoy the benefits of having a highly trained professional receptionist available when you need them. Customer care is absolutely key to the growth of any business. As an entrepreneur you will want to provide your customers with the best possible level of care to ensure that you can grow your fledgeling business. Sometimes having good internal receptionists are both expensive and can be hard to come by. Excellent call answering by professional receptionists will give your business a mark of professionalism and reliability. Ruby Receptionist Services never compromise on the quality of their staff. We select from a pool of the most qualified and experienced. Our receptionists are regularly trained in how to handle calls from different sectors. In fact, your clients will quite often believe that they are talking directly to an employee of your business.

Sometimes the role of being an entrepreneur is quite hectic. Due to this, the chance of missing an important call is high. Missed calls can automatically lead to a loss of revenue and slower growth. A virtual receptionist from Ruby can be on standby to ensure your phone calls are promptly responded to. Entrepreneurs quite often have to ensure the success of some very complex projects. Such projects require that you forget about everything else for a period of time and focus fully on your project. It can become a challenge and an uphill task if you always have to stop in the middle of a project to respond to calls. It therefore makes sense that a telephone answering service for entrepreneurs can seriously boost their efficiency and productivity.

No matter the type of business you have ventured into, time is always of the essence. It’s the same whether you own a one person business or you have a team of staff under you. If you are going to deal with calls as well then a lot may go wrong before you notice. In most cases when phone calls come directly to you, you are forced to drop whatever you are doing and attend to the call. A virtual receptionist can comfortably take your calls on your behalf. We provide you with orderly information which you can later address when you have time available.

Makes your business look big, well established and professional. Small businesses have the problem of proving the legitimacy of their services or products. A professional telephone answering company like Ruby ensures your small enterprise gets that professional touch. This way clients will have more confidence in your business.

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You can test drive our system for 7 days at no cost or obligation for your business. Ruby's 7 day free trial allows you an opportunity to fine tune the setup and to get the maximum value from your package.

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It really only takes a couple of minutes to set an account up for your free trial. Our professional receptionists can then be answering your phone calls virtually instantly. There is no obligation to give any credit card details upfront and it will instantly make a dramatic difference to your work load.