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Quality Answering Services For Real Estate Agencies

For any real estate agent being able to provide an immediate response to incoming calls can be the secret to winning and retaining clients. Typically, every property agent needs to promptly answer their phone whenever a potential client tries to contact them. Failure to do so often translates to lost clients and missed sales.

If you want your real estate enterprise to flourish, it is essential that you take advantage of every opportunity. For instance, hiring Ruby Receptionist to answer calls that you can't get to represents a strategy that will help agents maximise their overall selling opportunities.

Answering services for real estate agents are useful in the following ways :-

Ensure You Get All Your Calls - Missing a single call can be disastrous, particularly for an agent working to secure a new lead. If you do not want to neglect a possible sale, an answering service from Ruby Receptionist is the way to go. Every caller will be met with a professional greeting and our experienced receptionists will forward you a message within minutes. Also, your clients will not have to wait for ages bfore they get to talk to a real live human being. With our telephone answering service, all incoming calls are answered and the caller immediately gets a personalized and professional greeting before leaving a message.

Minimize Distractions - According to a recent study, the average executive gets distracted 56 times each day. Incoming phone calls are the greatest culprit in terms of workplace distractions. To increase productivity, every real estate agent needs to have a phone answering service. With Ruby Receptionist you can set aside a particular time for answering your phone calls and determine the time most favourable for working. This way, potential customers get dealt with professionally while you are busy working at making money.

After Hours Answering Services - Another prevalent issue within the real estate industry involves after hours' maintenance calls and emergencies. A client may want to report a problem regarding his newly purchased home. Instead of having to be on call at all times, the answering services for real estate agents can record a list of approved maintenance workers and contractors, who can be contacted in the event of emergencies. As such, you will be better placed to expand your business in other areas without being bogged down by trivial situations.

Save Time - A live answering service can save time you a significant amount of time. With an automated system customers can be kept waiting for up to twenty minutes or more when contacting companies. However, real estate businesses that employ live answering services do not keep their clients waiting. The caller instantly gets through to a live individual and gets to leave a message. This really helps to minimise frustrations with your client or your potential client.

Cost Savings - A Live answering service from Ruby Receptionist for your real estate agency is extremely cost-effective. With a service like ours you simply pay for what you use while by hiring a full-time receptionist, you incur significantly more cost. Also, quite often with a full time employee you fail to get full value for your money as the receptionist may not be productive for the entire shift. With a live answering service, you will only pay for the duration the individual is working on your behalf.

Try us out with a 7 day trial

You can test drive our system for 7 days at no cost or obligation for your business. Ruby's 7 day free trial allows you an opportunity to fine tune the setup and to get the maximum value from your package.

Ruby Will Be Answering Your Calls In 5 Minutes

It really only takes a couple of minutes to set an account up for your free trial. We can then be answering your phone calls virtually instantly. There is no obligation to give any credit card details upfront and it will instantly make a dramatic difference to your work load.