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Ruby Receptionist Services - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Virtual Receptionist service?

Virtual Receptionist is a Live Telephone Answering Service where a friendly, professional receptionist answers your phone and handles your calls exactly as you require. Just like if you had your own receptionist in-house. In fact it is that real, clients will think the receptionist is sitting in your office.

How does the receptionist service work?

With our receptionist service, we allocate you a local phone number (e.g. 02 for Sydney, 03 for Melbourne etc) instantly during the FREE Trial set up process and that is the number that we know your business by. Whether clients call that number directly, or you divert any other number (02 / 07 / 1300 / 1800 / your mobile etc) to that number, we will answer and handle your calls instantly.

If I sign up for a Free Trial is it totally FREE and no obligation to continue?

The FREE Trial is totally FREE and there is NO Obligation to continue with the service after the Free Trial. Whether you have 1 or 81 staff, all staff can be set up in the Free Trial to receive calls and messages and it is ALL totally FREE.

We already have a phone number (1300 / 1800 / 02 / 03 / 07 etc). Does that matter?

No. Most of our 5,000+ live answering service clients are existing businesses with an existing phone number that they have been using for years on their business cards and web site etc. When you set up the Free Trial with us, we allocate you a local phone number instantly (e.g. 02, 03, 08 etc). This is the number we know your business by. You simply call forward / divert your existing telephone number to that phone number and instantly we are answering and handling your calls exactly as your own in-house receptionist would.

Is it true there are no security deposits or set up fees?

Yes it is true. There are NO security deposits and NO set up fees during or after the Free Trial of our Virtual Receptionist Live Answering Service.

There are no long term contracts (i.e. it’s month to month) but can I cease the service at any time without penalty?

We offer a month to month agreement, there are no long term contracts. You can change plans at any time for FREE to suit your call volumes and you can CEASE the service at any time by giving us just one working days notice. There are NO Cancellation Fees. We believe this puts the onus on us to perform. We aim to answer and handle every phone call exactly how you require. If we don’t meet your expectations it is FREE to cancel the service instantly! You simply ask us to cancel the service and that’s it. No questions asked.

Is there a difference between the Virtual Receptionist service during normal business hours and the 24x7 service?

At all times there is a Live Receptionist answering your calls exactly as you require. During normal business hours (i.e. Mon – Fri 8.00am – 6.00pm excluding public holidays) if your status in the system is set to “Available for Call Transfers” our Australian based receptionists will introduce and transfer calls to you, wherever you are. If you do not wish to take the call, you are unavailable or the caller is ringing after hours (i.e. outside normal business hours), the receptionist will take a message and forward it you to by SMS and / or Email as you require.

If I sign up for the Free Trial, how long before your receptionists can be answering my calls?

Instantly. It takes two or three minutes to set up the Free Trial. So literally we can be answering and handling your phone calls in a few minutes from now.

How long does it take to set up?

You are able to start using the service immediately after it has been set up which usually takes just a few minutes. As soon as it is set up we immediately start answering and handling your telephone calls.

Do you allocate my business with a local telephone number and is it used exclusively for our business?

Yes we do allocate an exclusive phone number to each client. That is the number that we know your business by. Hence we know how to answer the phone and handle your calls exactly as you require. This telephone number can be your main business number that you use on your business cards, letterhead, web site, advertising promotions etc. If you have an existing phone number, like most of our 5,000+ Virtual Receptionist clients, you simply call forward this on busy, no answer or permanently to the number we allocate you whereupon our receptionists will be answering your calls.

Am I able to upgrade or downgrade (i.e. change plans) as my call volumes vary from time to time?

Yes. You are able to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time to suit your call volumes which can vary from month to month. It is FREE to change plans.

How do I know which plan I should be on to ensure I am paying only for what I really need?

With our Answering Service you are able to login to your account at any time and view your Usage Report which details by month EVERY phone call that we have ever answered. This allows you to see exactly how many calls you are receiving, who called, what we did with the call, messages sent etc. That way you can decide what plan is optimal for you at the time based on your actual call volumes. It is FREE to change plans, up or down, as your call volumes vary.

How do we pay for the Virtual Receptionist Live Answering Service?

Our billing system is fully automated. We accept credit card payment only including AMEX, Mastercard and Visa. All invoices are available to be viewed online and printed / reprinted at any time by you via the web. Invoices are also emailed to you each month to save paper.

We do have account customers if you don't have a credit card but because this process is not automated we require at least 3 months of subscriptions in advance EFT'd to our bank account for account customers.

Are you able to answer just some of our phone calls?

Yes. This is referred to as “call overflow”. A lot of companies require their phone calls to be answered only when they are unable to take the call themselves. This could be if you step out of the office for an hour, you are busy on another call, go to lunch or simply because you have multiple calls coming in at the one time. Simply divert your existing phone number (to the unique local phone number we allocate your business during the Free Trial setup process) on busy, no answer (e.g. after say 5 rings) or permanently. That way you are always in control and can relax knowing you will never miss another call.

What type of client does the Virtual Receptionist service typically cater for?

Any business that requires a professional receptionist to answer and route their telephone calls. Our 5,000+ clients include accountants, lawyers, barristers, solicitors, printers, franchisors, franchisees, recruitment firms, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, IT software, IT consultants, IT hardware engineers, cleaners, marketing agencies, public relations agencies, home businesses, commercial property, real estate agents, web based businesses, business consultants, training companies, shuttle (car / bus) services, restaurants as well as medium size companies with hundreds of staff.

Where are you based? and are your Receptionists based in Australia?

We have been established for over 10 years with our Head Office in North Sydney. Our telecommunications network extends nationally to 66 telephone exchanges throughout Australian giving us the largest range of local numbers of any competitor.

All calls are answered 24/7 and 365 days of the year by our Australian based receptionists.

What does it cost for the 24/7 Virtual Receptionist service?

If you require the 24x7 service it is FREE to have the service activated. All calls answered, irrespective of the time of day, are counted as part of your Virtual Receptionist monthly plan allowance.

After Hours Calls: Calls answered outside of 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday in the Customer's local time will incur a surcharge of $1.00 per call or $0.60 per call for Message Express.

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