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How Ruby Can Help Reduce Your Office Costs

When you analyse the incoming calls that you get to an office reception number there are always at least 20% of these calls that contribute very little to your bottom line. Some of these might be cold callers while others may simply be people who need your physical address, web address or email address. At the end of the day however, many of these calls end up making their way through to you or your team and end up taking your focus away from the important issues.

With Ruby Receptionist Services you can outsource some or all of that telephone answering. Whether you employ 5 people or 500 people in your Australian office we have the capacity to take over the management of your switchboard. Ruby employs experienced, professional receptionists who have the capabilites to take away many of your admin tasks and leave you time to focus on the strategic direction of your company.

Here at Ruby we don't just have to answer your calls. Our Virtual Assistant service can take on a lot of those time consuming sales admin functions. Our competent staff can assist with taking phone orders, answering sales enquiries, carrying out surveys, managing your diary plus a whole range of other duties. Many of those non-core activities that are being handled by your sales team can quite easily be outsourced to Ruby Receptionist Services.

Think of the call answering process as a business process, Reception as a Service (RaaS). And you decide the process!

It Makes Good Financial Sense

The direct cost savings related to salaries and wages are quite obvious, however there are lots of indirect savings that you can achieve by outsourcing your switchboard and admin roles to Ruby Receptionist Services. These indirect savings include workers compensation, sick leave, superannuation, holiday pay, internet costs, office space, utility costs plus much more.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Try us out for free for 7 days and test our system out for yourself. Our free trial gives you an opportunity to see just how easy our system is to use and how much of your time is freed up to allow you to focus on the more important more strategic tasks. There is no obligation from you with our free trial. We do not require a credit card and we are not hard sell. We think our system is brilliant and we are confident that after testing it out for 7 days you will think so to.