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How Our Australian Receptionists Handle Your Calls

The process of setting up and moving your switchboard to Ruby Receptionist Services is very easy. Once your account is established, you give us key company information in terms of who you are, where you are, your "find me" numbers (all of the numbers you want your calls forwarded to), who is going to have their phones answered and what message you want given to the callers.

You can then set up other rules like what to do if you are unavailable, how you want to receive messages (email/sms), whether you are available to take calls or whether you are "do not disturb". You can also enter your web address into our system so that your virtual receptionist has that information to hand if that is all that the caller is looking for.

When the receptionist answers your call they will answer in your company name with the greeting you provide. If all the caller is after is your address or your web address etc then the receptionist can give that to them directly and finish the call. For callers that wish to talk to you, our receptionists will consult the information that you have loaded into our system and follow those instructions. If we have been instructed to transfer the calls to you or to a colleague we will do so, if you have instructed us to send a message then we will forward details of that call through to you. What could be easier!

Need more information on how our telephone answering service works? Why not check out our infographic.

Our Service Will Save You A Lot Of Time

Think of all of the time you waste on phone calls where you are simply giving out details of your address, website or email address. By using our system you can cull out all of the time wasting calls and focus on the ones that are going to make you more money.

Free Trial Worth Up To $200

Why not try out our virtual receptionist service for free? We are so confident with how much value our system can add to your business that we are willing to let you use it for 7 days at absolutely no cost to you. It is totally risk free to you, we don't require any credit card details or any sort of sign up. What have you got to lose!