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Switch To Ruby And Reap The Benefits

Larger businesses can spend up to 10% of their revenue on admin costs. With some businesses up to 60% of that admin cost is people related costs including wages, superannuation, workers compensation, employment related taxes, office space plus indirect costs like electricity usage and internet bandwidth.

By using Ruby Receptionist Services you can potentially save up to 60% of these employment related costs by outsourcing those roles to us. Think of all of the time that you will save not having to schedule skeleton staff for Christmas and not having to focus on all of those performance reviews and HR issues. With Ruby you can focus on generating income.

Ruby not only helps with the receptionist and telephone answering roles, Ruby can also help with virtual assistants, diary management, virtual offices, interstate and 1300 telephone numbers and much more. Why not test drive our 7 day free trial to see exactly what our state of the art telephone answering service can do.

Total Flexibility

When you run a larger business there is always something happening. New business ventures, new product lines, restructures, downsizing, upsizing and more. The beauty of the Ruby Receptionist Service is that we can grow or shrink with you with very little notice. It gives you real flexibility in where you want to take your business.

Outsource The Admin And Focus On Business

For a senior manager in a large organisation or firm, managing staff and admin issues can take up more than 50% of your time. This takes away valuable time when you could actually be focussing on generating income. By outsourcing your reception and admin roles to Ruby you can take back this time and focus on building a better more profitable company.