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Don't Leave Your Callers To An Automated System

Recent research that was carried out by BT in the UK showed that up to 60% of callers will not leave a message on an automated system and will simply hang up. Unfortunately, if it is a potential new lead then they may end up ringing the next person down the list and you miss out on the work permanently.

Here at Ruby Receptionist Services we believe that it is important for your calls to be answered by a live receptionist. We also think that it is important that the live receptionist has a good understanding of the Australian business environment and the local business culture. For that reason, we employ experienced Australian receptionists to answer our Australian customers calls. Our receptionists are so convincing that callers will think that they are actually working out of your office.

Our live answering service has been built locally and is used by thousands of companies around the world. Over several years we have refined and improved our systems to deliver a world class standard of service to you our customer. We are so confident in our systems that our SLA's to you state that we will answer 90% of your calls within 3 rings. Not only is it important to have a live answering service, it is also important that calls are answered promptly and professionally.

The way that our service works is really quite simple. Firstly, when you sign up for a free trial you will be allocated a unique telephone number specific to your account. This unique telephone number is the number that we will be answering when we answer your calls. Once you have you number you will need to let us know how you want you callers greeted when they call. The greeting that you use can be changed at any time that you like and can be short and concise or detailed.

Once we have your greeting you need to tell us how you want your calls dealt with. There are a number of ways that your call can be dealt with. Firstly, if you want our team to act as a traditional receptionist then we are quite happy to do that, alternatively we can take a message from your callers and then forward that message through to either an email address or sent to you via SMS.

The Ruby Receptionist telephonists have been recruited locally in Australia. We believe that it adds significant value for our customers if we have local receptionists. We also try to employ receptionists who have experience working with Australian businesses as this also adds to the overall customer experience.

If you are unsure of how an answering service would work with your business then why not test out our service for 7 days at absolutely no cost to you. We offer a free 7 day trial for new customers and it gives them an opportunity to test drive our systems and experience the professionalism of our receptionist team. At the end of the 7 day period you will be under no pressure to sign up. We will follow you up via phone or email and the choice of going ahead is entirely yours.

Focus On Strategy While We Focus On Calls

When you talk to any business manager these days they all say the same thing. They spend so much time focussing on administrative tasks that they get no time to think about strategy and how to take their business forward. Here at Ruby Receptionist Services we want to give you that time back by taking away some of those mundane adminstrative tasks.

Take Our Live Answering Service For A Test Drive

We are happy for you to test out our Virtual Receptionist system for 7 days at absolutely no cost to you. We will provide you with a live answering service at no cost and with no obligation. There are no contract periods or credit cards required. What have you got to lose!