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Look Big With Ruby - Have A National Presence

With the Ruby Telephone Answering Service getting a national presence is literally just a click away. The Ruby system has hundreds of phone numbers available in each of the capital cities. Adding these numbers to your account is simple and the costs associated are minimal.

In addition to local numbers in each of the capital cities we can also very quickly give you a national 1300 number for your business. If you are not familiar with 1300 numbers, they allow interstate callers to contact you for the cost of a local call regardless of where they are located. 1300 numbers also give the perception of size and reach and are a great idea for both start ups and established businesses.

Once you have your national presence with your local numbers and 1300 number it may also be an idea to consider virtual offices in those cities as well. This will give you a physical address in each of those cities and will assist in showing customers that you have a national presence.

Size Matters - Get A National Presence

Show your customers that you are serious and thinking big picture. Secure a virtual office in each of the capital cities along with local phone numbers and a national 1300 number.

Only A Matter Of A Couple Of Clicks

With our high tech telephone answering system it is really easy to add or drop interstate telephone numbers. Add them for your next marketing campaign and then drop them off in the following month. It is really simple and cost effective to do.