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Live Phone Answering Service - Australia

When you start a new business venture there is always a lot to do. One minute you are answering calls the next minute you need to be selling and 5 minutes after that you are doing the actual work. With all of this to do there is always a real temptation to simply let your incoming calls go to your automated message service and attend to them later. Unfortunately, letting your calls go through to an automated service is a false economy and by doing this you could actually end up losing a lot of customers.

It is an unfortunate fact that customers really don't like being sent through to an automated message service. Studies that have been carried out overseas show that more than 70% of people will just hang up rather than leave a message on an automated system. One of the big problems with this is that when your customer hangs up the phone it is quite likely that they will just look down the search list and ring the next business that catches their eye. So, you not only miss out on a potential new customer but you also potentially give that customer to one of your competitors. Whether you answer those incoming calls yourself or you engage a live telephone answering service it is important that a live person takes these calls rather than sending them to an automated system.

When you use Ruby Receptionist Services you get a live receptionist who can take all or just some of your calls. Some of our customers use us for all of their incoming calls while others just use us for overflow. It is totally up to you. Our answering service can work really well during marketing campaigns when your call volume goes up dramatically.

Many of our competitors have offshored their phone answering to cheap call centres in Asia and India. Her eat Ruby Receptionist Services we believe that it is extremely important for calls to be answered by individuals who have a good understanding of the local business environment. Our professional receptionists are all based in Australia and work remotely from home based offices using our bespoke telephone answering service via the cloud. They are so good at what they do that many of our customers clients actually think that they are sitting in the office with them. You couldn't get a better endorsement of our services!

Whether your business employs one person or 100 we have a package that will suit your business. We currently have more than 5,000 customers in Australia and our customers range from small consulting businesses or online shops to large divisions of multi nationals. With a live phone answering service from Ruby Receptionist you convert a large fixed cost into a smaller variable cost. Perfect!

Whatever business you operate these days there is an expectation from your customers and the general public that you will be available 24/7. Unfortunately, despite the fact that everyone is devoted to their small business there are a whole range of other commitments that keep us from being available 24/7. Here at Ruby Receptionist Services we can help. We can have professional telephonists available around the clock to take your calls. The best thing is, you only pay for the calls that they take. You don't have to pay when they are sitting around waiting for a call.

How about getting our professional telephonist team to act as the gatekeeper for your business. They can filter out all of those annoying telemarketers trying to sell you solar panels or SEO services and let through the genuine customers who can bring you more business. Our team can also answer a whole range of questions that your callers might have like what is your address, what is the fax number, is there parking available on site or what are your hours of operation. These are all potentially distracting calls that keep you from doing what you do best.

Our prices are really quite affordable. We also believe in keeping our charging structure quite simple so you don't end up at the end of the month with a confusing bill. Our average customer pays around $120 per month for our service. Many of our small business customers have reported that they save as much as 40% of the cost of having their own in house receptionist plus for the ones that don't have an in house receptionist they report that their other staff who are tasked with answering their phones are more productive and much more focussed.

A wide variety of businesses make use of our services. These businesses range from one person bands to divisions of large corporations with hundreds of employees. Types of businesses that use our services include lawyers, accountants, digital marketing consultants, IT professional and a whole range of trades people. Regardless of the type of business that you operate, Ruby Receptionist Services will be able to help you operate it more efficiently and more effectively.

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