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Save up to 40% with a remote receptionist

The development of the internet and cloud services has opened up some great opportunities for small businesses. Whereas previously you would have had to have a physical office, rows of desks with staff sitting at them and a receptionist sitting at the front door you can now simply have virtual staff who you use just when you need them.

Using a remote receptionist service makes sense. Many of our customers now have no receptionist at all and simply channel all of their incoming calls via our service. Think of the savings that you can make in regards to salary costs, holiday pay, office space and so on. Some of our customers have reported saving as much as 40% of the cost of their in-house receptionist when they made the switch to a remote receptionist.

Another great thing about using an outsourced service is that it is a variable cost as opposed to a fixed cost. This means that you pay for what you use as opposed to paying a flat salary amount each week. With our service, if you have a slow month then your bill will be low. Similarly, if you have a major marketing campaign happening and you need extra people to answer calls then with our service they will be there instantly. No need to worry about temp agencies!

We don't lock our customers in to lengthy contracts. You can cancel whenever you want and more importantly you can upgrade or downgrade your package at any time. This means that if you do have a big marketing campaign happening you can upgrade to a cost effective package during the campaign and downgrade after it is finished.

Easy To Get Started

We could literally have you set up and ready to go in as little as 15 minutes. When you sign up for a free trial with Ruby you will be allocated a local telephone number to use. You then divert your existing number to this Ruby number and let us know what greeting you want us to give when we answer your calls and how you want us to deliver the messages to you. After this we are ready to go!

Focus On Business Not Calls

When you outsource your telephone answering to a remote receptionist service you get back time that can be focussed on growing your business and strategy as opposed to focussing on time consuming admin. Think of how you can potentially grow your business without worrying about incoming calls.

Unlike some of our competitors we don't believe in using cheap Asian call centres to take our customers calls. Your calls will be answered by a professional trained Australian receptionist who work remotely in different locations around the country.