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Experiencing explosive growth? Here are some tips for keeping your staff.

Is your business witnessing a fantastic level of growth? If so, then it’s important to keep up the momentum and to do this, you need to maintain a strong business model. One of the key aspects of your business model is your staff or team of employees. The best staff will provide the ultimate service to your customers and ensure that you are reaching the highest level of productivity. Essentially, you will continue to fire on all cylinders.

However, there is an issue here. As your business continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, it’s quite possible that you lose some of your best team members along the way. Your team could use the growing reputation of your brand and their role as part of it to search for other positions elsewhere. They could be seeking out a higher level of pay or perhaps even a chance to further their position and grow to new heights in their role. So, how do you make sure that this doesn’t happen? How do you keep the best staff on your side, even during high levels of growth?

Let Them Develop In Your Business

As your company continues to grow you should make sure that you are providing your team with the resources and opportunities they need to grow as well. If you provide these options, they won’t need to look elsewhere to get what they need. They won’t need to pursue other positions or seek out roles in other businesses. Instead, they will have everything they need to grow in their career from your company.

So, allow them chances to expand their roles through promotions as well as new responsibilities and roles. Developing staff can simply mean that they develop in their current roles and as such feel more fulfilled. Again, this means that there is less reason for them to move on from your business.

Of course, for that to occur, you need to make sure that you invest the right level of resources into your team. You should be providing them with training and the chance to gain new knowledge. It is possible that once you provide staff with training like this, they use it to move on. However, in most cases, they will simply appreciate the support that you have provided. They will feel more loyal to your business due to this. Remember, putting these opportunities out into the world isn’t enough. You have to highlight them and let your team know that they exist. Give them a reason to stay with your business.

Reward Your Team With Praise

It is absolutely vital that your team feels both valued and respected as part of your business. During high levels of growth, it’s possible and indeed common for company owners to forget about their team completely if you don’t provide the personal touch that they want. This can be as simple as praising an individual worker for a job well done. When you do this, you need to tap into unique, identifiable achievements. It is not enough to simply praise the whole team as one because this can make them feel like one cog in a massive machine. You have to show them individually that the role in your business they play matters and that they are a vital member of your business.

This is crucial because if an employee feels undervalued or underappreciated, they will search for work elsewhere. This might be true, even if you are providing a high level of pay and that should demonstrate how crucial praise can be.

Lay Out Goals And Objectives

Your employees are never going to be mind readers. While they can work to their own initiative, they also must have a clear set of goals and targets that they can follow. Without this, they will struggle to remain productive and find difficulty locating the meaning or purpose in the work they are completing. Make sure that each individual team member has goals they are working towards and developing over time. There should be daily goals, monthly goals, and annual goals. Give them targets that they can work towards which provides them with a purpose.

As well as individual goals for them, you need to lay out and explain the short and long term goals of your business. Let them be a part of the discussion when you are formulating and planning the future of your business. If you give them a reason to invest in the future of your company, they will have no reason to want to leave.

Build An Office Culture

You also need to work on building an office culture that your team love and feel connected to. There are a wide variety of ways to build the right type of office culture. For instance, you might want to consider getting to know them on a more personal level. At the very least, you should be able to greet each team member on a first name basis. Understand who they are, what they bring to your business and a little about their personality. You don’t need to know the names of their kids or their hobbies, but you do need to be in touch with who they are as part of your company.

Aside from knowing who your team members are, you should also be working to make your business a fun place to be. At a point where some offices have slides instead of the stair, you do need to make more of an effort. Having a game room for a break could immediately help employees see that they are appreciated. Alternatively, introduce a dress down day through the week to ensure that they can show another aspect of their personality.

We hope you find this advice useful when working to keep staff on the team even when your company is experiencing a surge in growth. Remember, without the right team of the best workers in place, you might find that your period of growth is short lived.