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Let US Focus On The Calls While You Focus On Growth

Starting or running a small business is all about wearing a lot of different hats and juggling a whole range of tasks. What quite often happens is that the small business owner spends so much time attending to answering the phone and dealing with the admin that they don't have enough time to focus on the more strategic aspects of the business and what is required to take that small business to the next level.

This is where Ruby Receptionist Services can help. We have designed our systems and our services with the small business operator in mind with an easy to use user interface and an uncomplicated charging structure. You can set up our system in minutes and if you need it to it can do some pretty complex things. The main thing it will do however is that it will free you up to focus your attention on growth and making more money!

In addition to our professional telephone answering services we have a number of other services available to make the life of a budding entrepreneur easier. Firstly, we can offer you a virtual office in some of the most prestigious buildings in the country. We can also offer you virtual assistants to help you with some of those other time consuming tasks, we can arrange for 1300 numbers plus local telephone numbers in every major city in Australia. We can also assist you with diary managment services plus a whole lot more. We really can free you up so that you can focus on earning more money!

We are so confident in our systems that we are happy for you to test drive it for 7 days at no cost to you.

Check out our virtual office and call redirection services.

Sick of maintaining that old fax and looking for a cost effective alternative? Click here to find out more about our fax to email service

What Have You Got To Lose?

We don't have any long contract periods. If you do decide to cancel for any reason then it is simply a 30 day notice period. Our pricing is really simple and very straight forward. We have structured our small business packages to deliver the best possible service to you at a really affordable price.

If You Miss Calls You Could Be Missing Sales

Every time that you are unavailable for a call you could be missing out on sales. Whether you are tied up in presentations and sales meetings or you are working on your customers projects you really can't be there all of the time to take those calls. We can be. We employ a vast team of local Australian receptionists who will be there to answer your call promptly and professionally. If necessary we can even answer those calls 24/7 by making use of our small business receptionists in the USA and UK. They will communicate the message that you have agreed and they will immediately forward that message to you by email. Check out our productivity tips.