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Get a prestigious Adelaide CBD address at a great rate

Setting up a physical office for your new business venture can be a costly exercise. It can be even more expensive when you are looking to set up that business in the Adelaide CBD. If the space that you have leased is in a new building then you will likely have to complete a full fit out from a bare base. Completing a full fit out can be expensive and will involve a whole range of trades people including carpenters to build your new walls and partitions, electricians to feed power in to your work stations and data for your computers, plumbers to plumb in your kitchen and any internal toilets etc plus painters, carpet layers and a range of others.

If you can't afford a project manager to coordinate everyone then you will also lose a lot of time (or one of your staff members time) on managing the project and getting everything finished. While you may have wanted to hit the ground running when setting up your new business you may well find that it is a month or two before you can actually get your space in order to enable you to get your work done.

Once you do have your space organised you will find that you need to organise for people to occupy that space. You then need to go through the whole recruitment process to advertise for people, interview a whole bunch of them, put together a short list, interview final candidates and then make an offer. There goes another couple of weeks in just getting your staff in place.

Instead of outlaying all of this cash which you are unlikely to recover when you move out, why not go virtual instead? A virtual office can give you many of the benefits of a first rate CBD address but at a fraction of the cost. Also, when you combine your virtual address with a telephone answering service or virtual assistant service from Ruby Receptionist you can get many of the benefits of a physical work force at only a fraction of the cost.

When you set up a virtual address with Ruby Receptionist Services you get a first class CBD address that you can include on your website, your business cards, your Google + account and more. Any mail that is received at the Adelaide CBD address can be forwarded to you at any address that you wish to nominate.

The offices that we use for our Adelaide addresses are located at 97 and 147 Pirie Street. Pirie Street is located right in the centre of the city. Companies that are located in the vicinity of Pirie Street include legal firms, accountants, professional service companies and banks. Your new business venture will be in good company.

Having a virtual office as your business address allows you to have many of the benefits of a great location while having the flexibility to work wherever you want. When you combine this with a professional telephone answering service from Ruby Receptionist Services you could potentially be working from the beach or at home or wherever in the world you want to be.

Why go for just an Adelaide address. With Ruby Receptionist Services you could have a virtual address in all of the capital cities in Australia. In addition to providing you with CBD addresses we can also provide you with local telephone numbers and a 1300 number. You can go national for a very affordable price.

Why not get a telephone answering service as well

Rather than employing your own in-house receptionist to answer your calls and transfer calls around your business you could opt for a cloud based telephone answering service like the one that is offered by Ruby Receptionist services. With our call answering service you can leave those incoming calls to us and get on with the more strategic aspects of building and running your business.

Our receptionists don't just have to answer your incoming calls, they can do a whole load more. For example, you could get our telephonists to act as a gatekeeper to your business. THat way, they can filter out all of those pesky telemarketing calls that just end up costing you time and also end up distracting you from the important things that you have to attend to. Our receptionists can also answer some of those easy questions that people ring up to ask such as, do you have parking available, what is your fax number or what is your office address. We can filter out all of those time consuming calls and give you back the time that you need for strategy and building your business.

Our staff are professional, trained office staff who are located here in Australia. Whilst it could be cheaper for us to outsource our call answering and assistant services to offshore call centres we believe that we can offer a significantly better level of service by keeping our work force local.

Why not talk to one of our friendly customer care staff members about how we can help your business and how we can reduce the amount of admin work you need to do to give you back all of that time that you need for building your business.

Operating out of the Cloud is the future

Making the best use of cloud services is a great way to grow your business for an affordable cost. By using virtual offices, virtual assistants and telephone answering services you can have the resources to build your business at a fraction of what it would have previously cost.

Virtual Offices for less than $25 per week

You can get your prestigious CBD address at either 97 or 147 Pirie Street for less than $25 per week if you pay for 3 months in advance. This works out to around $3.40 per day. An absolute bargain!