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Virtual Receptionist Services

Lot's of people talk about virtual offices and doing business virtually but mean different things. Some people refer to a virtual address as a virtual office while others refer to virtual receptionist services as a virtual office. Whatever definition you use, there can be significant benefits for your business by making use of the cloud.

While our definition of a virtual office is having a mailing address in one or a multiple of our Australian state capitals we think that to really see the benefit of working out of the cloud you need to combine this mailing address with a reputable telephone answering service.

By combining the 2 services you then get the freedom and the time to really drive your business forward. Your virtual address allows you to work from wherever you want while you have an address in an A grade office building. A telephone answering service frees up your time so that you can focus on the important issues while we focus on answering your calls.

A virtual address from Ruby Receptionist makes good business sense. It gives you an anchor in a prestige building in the centre of the CBD. In many of our business centres you still have the opportunity to rent meeting rooms which gives you the opportunity to meet with your staff if they want to come to you to meet. You really do get many of the benefits of a first class CBD based office building without all of the costs that go with it.

With receptionist services from Ruby you can claw back some of that time that you have been wasting on all of those annoying telemarketing calls. Our professional receptionists can answer your phone in your company name and take a message from the caller. We can then email you the details of the call within minutes of actually taking the call. You can then prioritise those calls depending upon how much time you have available.

Neither of our services requires you to lock in to a long term contract. With our addresses you can cancel at any time while our virtual receptionist service requires just 1 months notice. Neither service requires you to pay substantial deposits or bonds and both services can be added to or varied at any time.

Despite the fact that we don't lock customers into lengthy contracts we do find that our customers tend to stick around for quite some time. We currently have more than 3,500 customers in Australia and the comment that we hear from them more than anything is that they wish that they had known about our services earlier.

If you would like to find out more about our virtual addresses or our telephone answering services then give our helpful customer service representatives a call on 1300 72 10 73. They will be happy to help!

7 Day Free Trial

We are so confident that you will love our service that we are willing to offer you a 7 day free trial. The trial allows you to login and configure the system to suit your specific business and allows you to receive calls via the system. Within minutes of setting up your account you will be able to start taking calls through the Ruby system.

Cost Effective Call Answering Packages

We have cost effective packages to suit businesses of all sizes. Check out our pricing page for details of current packages. If you feel that the packages don't fit perfectly with your business then give us a call on 1300 72 10 73 and we will be happy to discuss designing a custom package that suits your specific business.