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We all like to think that we are a jack of all trades with the ability to switch from preparing the company accounts to organising the company's marketing efforts to designing the corporate website or business cards. While you may have some serious skills with some of these tasks it is likely that some of the others are taking you an excessive amount of time and you possibly aren't getting the same level of result that someone who specialises in that area would.

It can be a difficult thing for a small business owner to do however there comes a point where you have to be objective about what it makes sense for you to do and what you can get someone else to do. One effective way of approaching this is to look at what you can earn on an hourly basis versus what you will have to pay to get someone in to do that task. If you can earn $100, $200 or $300 per hour charging out to your customers and the person coming in is only going to cost you $30 per hour then it is a bit of a no brainer!

So, what sort of tasks can you offload to someone else

Bookkeeping - it doesn't make a lot of sense to be doing your own bookkeeping unless you are a trained accountant and actually have spare time. Even then, you can probably make better use of your time focussing on more strategic issues and growing your business rather than sitting there entering invoices and balancing bank statements.

Online marketing - Again, if you are a marketing expert then it probably makes sense to drive your own marketing efforts however if you are an engineer or an architect then you can probably make more money doing what you do best rather than learning how to work adwords or Bing PPC.

Graphic and Web Design. Everyone likes to think that they have a good sense of design (just like everyone thinks that they have a great sense of humour). Unfortunately, there is a lot more to design than simply picking out the colours that you like and uploading a nice picture. If you are a designer then by all means get involved however if you are not then it could be a good idea to leave it to the experts.

Payroll - If you have more than 2 or 3 people then you should probably think about outsourcing your payroll to a professional company. They will be up to date with all of the latest information in regards to tax rates, superannuation deductions and leave entitlements. Outsourced payroll companies are usually not that expensive to use and can give you back that time to focus on strategy.

Your telephone answering - It really doesn't make sense to be answering all of your calls in-house. The cost of having a good telephone answering service like Ruby Receptionists is significantly lower than trying to manage it in-house. Even our high usage customers only end up paying $700-800 per month. Think of the things that you will be able to do during that time and the peace of mind in knowing that your calls are being handled professionally.

7 Day Free Trial

We are so confident that you will love our service that we are willing to offer you a 7 day free trial. The trial allows you to login and configure the system to suit your specific business and allows you to receive calls via the system. Within minutes of setting up your account you will be able to start taking calls through the Ruby system.

Cost Effective Call Answering Packages

We have cost effective packages to suit businesses of all sizes. Check out our pricing page for details of current packages. If you feel that the packages don't fit perfectly with your business then give us a call on 1300 72 10 73 and we will be happy to discuss designing a custom package that suits your specific business.