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Getting a Toll Free Answering Service Makes Sense

As a small business owner you are probably spending 75% of your time focussing on non-strategic operational issues. Tasks like attending to your bookkeeping, fixing the photocopier, collecting the mail and answering the phone. Wouldn't it be good if you could cut out some of these tasks and give yourself a bit more time to focus on strategic issues and actually making more money for your small business.

Fortunately, in this modern age there are all sorts of ways that you can outsource different tasks to remote personnel to save time. You can potentially outsource your bookkeeping to an external bookkeeper, you can outsource your marketing to an external marketing agency and you can potentially outsource your telephone answering to a toll free answering service.

So, what is a toll free number?

People generally refer to 1800 and 1300 numbers as toll free numbers. The way these numbers work is very similar however there is a slight difference in terms of the cost that the caller has to incur. With a 1800 number the caller doesn't pay anything and the owner of the 1800 number bears all of the costs associated with the call. With a 1300 number the caller will pay the cost of a local call whilst the 1300 number owner will bear any other costs. ie, if a caller is located in Sydney and the 1300 number owner is in Perth then the number owner would wear the cost from Sydney to Perth.

Which is best, a 1300 number or a 1800 number?

Most callers feel quite reassured if they only have to pay a local call charge. Research has shown that consumers have a similar attitude towards both 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers however the 1300 works out to be much more cost effective to the number owner. Given that the consumer perception is quite similar it probably makes better business sense to go with the 1300 number.

What is a toll free answering service?

A toll free answering service is very similar to a regular answering service, ie, you forward calls that you can't answer to the answering service and they answer with a greeting that you have agreed and forward the message on to you. The only difference in the case of a toll free answering service is that the number that the call comes in on would be a 1300 number.

What does it cost?

Different virtual receptionist companies will have different price structures. Some companies will charge customers on a per call basis while others charge customers on a per minute basis. Here at Ruby we like to make it as simple as possible for and have a variety of affordable packages that our customers can choose from.

If you would like more information about getting a toll free answering service then why not have a chat to one of our helpful customer care representatives today on 1300 72 10 73 and we can sign you up for a free 7 day trial. It really does make great business sense.